Elekcis, the Assassin Walkthrough Page 2

7. Then I used black watercolor and began to shade the skin even more, adding shadows and defining it more. And since I was already using black, I began working on some of the details of her face--her eyes, lips and tattoo. (see Detail below) I added highlights to her lips and eyes using my opaque white paint, the bleedproof white, but again acrylic or gouache work well for this too.

8. Here, I begin to fill in her clothing. I used Payne's gray to shade her corset. I want the white to show through so that it will have a satin-like appearance. I filled in the neckline of her dress with charcoal gray and filled in her skirt with black. I'm going to use black gouache for her cloak since I want it to be darker.

9. I next used black watercolor and lightly shaded her corset and neckline some more and added shadow by the cloak and under her arm. I used payne's gray and a small brush to paint the pattern on her corset, and black to paint the embroidery on her neckline.

10. I then start to fill in some of the folds of her skirt with more black watercolor. I plan to finish her skirt with watercolor pencil and colored pencil later. And then I filled in her cloak with black gouache.

11. I shaded in the skirt with a black watercolor pencil, and used a black Prismacolor pencil for the folds in the fabric and the shadow from the cloak. I used a Prismacolor pencil because it is darker than the watercolor pencil. I then use a white watercolor pencil and white Prismacolor pencil for the lighter areas and highlights. Again, the white Prismacolor pencil shows up brighter than the wc pencil, so they work nicely together. Next, I evened out the streakyness in the cloak with the black Prismacolor and added highlights with the white Prismacolor. Then I drew the detail in her hair with watercolor pencils in Gunmetal and black. (see Detail to the right) Here, I also filled in her wrist sheath and the hilt of her dagger with black WC and lightly shaded the blade with charcoal gray and black WC.