Welcome to the Official Gallery of fantasy, fairy and gothic artist, Rebecca Sinz. Here you will find the good and the evil... the dark and the light... Romantic, mysterious and sometimes whimsical paintings of Fairies, Angels, Vampires and much more...

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3/13/2023: I have a new ACEO for auction in my Facebook group! It is called "Celestial Dreams." Join and bid HERE. The auction ends Friday, March 17th at 10 PM EST. The post is pinned to the top of the group.

3/13/2022: I'm now on Ko-Fi! If you would like to support what I do, consider buying me a cup of coffee!

9/10/2021: AUSTRALIAN ORDERS: The USPS has temporarily suspended certain mail services to Australia because of Covid-19. Due to this, I can only offer Priority Mail International shipping here on my website or in my eBay shop. However, orders placed in my Etsy Shop can be shipped via Global Postal Shipping, which is considerably cheaper. This is because this is a service they offer if I purchase shipping through them. So for the time being, I would suggest ordering from my Etsy shop if you live in Australia. If there is something here that you are interested in and you can't find it in my Etsy shop, just let me know and I can create a custom listing for you. VISIT MY ETSY HERE

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  • The Making of “Raining Stars” April 20, 2019
    I got the idea for this painting while listening to the band, Lord of the Lost. They have a song called “Raining Stars” and this image just sort of came to me. They also inspired my recent painting, “Black Halo.” Music often inspires my art, even if it is just the title of the song […]
  • Art Book Volume 2 and Some Help… December 20, 2017
    Some of you who follow me on my social media pages, particularly Facebook, may know that I have been working on my second art book for a while now. My first volume, titled "Dark Visions," was released in 2009. I've wanted to create another for a long time now, but the time just wasn't right. […]