Tubes TOU and FAQ

Terms of Use

The following are the rules that you must abide by when using the tubes purchased on this site:

  • All tubes purchased on this site are for online, personal use only. Tubes cannot be resold or shared under any circumstances. Commercial use is NOT allowed.
  • All tags created from my art must have the following copyright information clearly included on them: My name (Rebecca Sinz), my website ( and your license number.
    For example:
    © Rebecca Sinz  EA-XXXX
    Do not use an url of your website or © followed by your name. You may use 'tagged by', 'sig tag by' or tagger watermark etc.Note: If you are creating a tag for a group that doesn't allow adult content, you are allowed to leave out the web address for those tags.
  • Do not mix tubes using my art with those of other artists. You may, however, mix more than one tube of my artwork.
  • I offer a license exchange if you have my tubes from when I was licensed with another company. To complete the exchange you must send proof of purchase, such as a receipt from PayPal. Screen shot of the tube is not valid proof. Send your receipts to: rebecca (at) elvenstarart (dot) com --(written in the normal way without the spaces and symbols spelled out).
  • All tubes are 500-600 px on their longest side. You are not allowed to enlarge the tubes. You may, however, make them smaller. My tubes must not exceed 72dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch).
  • You are not allowed to print my artwork for any reason.
  • Any stationeries i.e. Incredimail made using my tubes should display my copyright info and your license number both at the actual artwork/tube as well as the bottom of the stationary.
  • Blank tags, stationary, avatars etc. are not permitted, they must contain a saying such as: 'Hello' 'Thank You' 'Welcome' etc. An avatar must at least have an initial.
  • You are allowed to use my art for tutorials. When doing so you must include a link to this site ( and place my copyright information as well as your license number on the creation.
  • Desktop backgrounds/ wallpapers are allowed as long as the terms of use are followed: No enlarging of tubes, no blanks and all creations must include my copyright info; My full name, website address and your license number.
  • Facebook timeline covers are allowed. Facebook rules state that timeline covers must not contain urls so all timeline covers created must contain © Rebecca Sinz and your license number with no url.
  • Adding animations is allowed to enhance the tag such as glitter in parts of hair, jewelry etc. Animations should not detract too much from the original image. Greyscaling the tube to match the tag is allowed as well as recoloring to a single hue, parts must not be selected and changed. Cutting up of tubes and adding to others is not allowed.
  • You are strongly advised to backup your purchased tubes! Tubes cannot be replaced after 6 months.
  • ElvenstarArt Tubes are not refundable. Once purchased and downloaded, all sales are final.
  • All tubes purchased are for personal use only and may NOT be shared under any circumstances. This includes distribution through any electronic or digital means, such as sharing through group (shared) emails or other downloadable Medias. All illegal sharing of ElvenstarArt tubes and kits should be reported to me HERE.
  • I have the right to change my terms of use at any time. Please subscribe to my Newsletter to get all my updates. The subscription form is at the bottom of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are PSP tubes?

PSP tubes are small versions of artwork with the backgrounds removed to be used for digital hobbies such as creating signature tags, websets, stationary, etc... in programs like Paint Shop Pro.

  • How do I get my tubes once I've completed my order?

Once you've completed your order you will receive an email with a link to where to go to download your images.

  • When do I get my license number?

When you place your first order with me, you will receive an email with your license number. This email will be a separate email from the one that tells you how to download your tubes. You should get this email within 24 hours of your purchase. It may speed it up if you send me an email letting me know that you need one. Please include your name and email address in the email.

If you haven't received your license number within 24 hours, please check your email's spam folder before contacting me. If you still don't see it, then you can email me HERE. You can also message me on my Facebook page.

  • Is your site secure? What payment options do you take?

Yes! My shopping cart is hosted by Paypal, so all payment infomation is transferred through their secure pages. You do not even have to have a Paypal account yourself to check out with my shopping cart. You can use a credit card during check out. I receive your order details, but all other information is private and only seen by Paypal. All payment options viewed below are accepted:

Solution Graphics

  • Are there any kits that match your tubes?

I don't sell any personally, but yes! You can find a list of kits that were made to go with my tubes HERE!

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions not found here.

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