About the Artist

I'm a professional artist from Clinton Township, Michigan. I've always had a love for art, my whole life. I'd doodle in my notebooks in school and always love art class best! But it wasn't until shortly after I'd graduated from high school that I discovered fantasy art and all its possibilities. I began drawing fairies, elves, vampires, angels, demons, etc... It all seemed so natural when I went in that direction. Soon after that, I discovered watercolors and the rest is history. I fell in love with this medium and no matter how many others I've experimented with over the years, none have yet to compare to them. I almost always combine my watercolor with a little gouache too. Occasionally I'll add some colored pencil to the mix too. I have been painting with acrylic gouache of late too, and I must say that I am quite enjoying it!

I've also always had a love for the dark and supernatural, so my art often has a dark and mysterious feel to it. I love to paint a gothic, moody scene. Anything and everything inspires me, books, movies, music, my own random ideas that come out of nowhere.

After several years of refining my skills, I finally felt brave enough to start selling some of my artwork. First as prints through some online gallery sites, and then expanding to printing and selling my prints and originals myself through my own website and online shops such as Etsy and Ebay.

I have wonderful fans and art collectors all over the world. My art has been published in magazines, books and book covers, and licensed for several products by other companies.


The New Masters of Fantasy, Vol. III
ArtWanted.com's Creative Minds artbook
ImagineFX Magazine

My FXPosé Feature! June 2011 Issue #70.

Sombres Charmes/Dark Charms Artbook, A French art book on the subject of witches that feature a compilation of different artists. This book is available through the publisher, Editions du Chat Noir.





"Vampires" from Flame Tree Publishing. Three of my vampire paintings are featured in this book about vampires in art, fiction and movies.





"The Magical History of Unicorns" from Flame Tree Publishing includes my unicorn painting, "Midnight Travelers."





 "The Magical History of Mermaids" from Flame Tree Publishing includes several of my mermaid paintings.





I have been lucky enough to be included in two of 78 Tarot's decks. I was in the 1st edition deck and the Astral deck. These gorgeous decks are a collaborative effort of so many talented artists. It is a real honor to have my work alongside theirs.



I've done several interior illustrations for Ren Garcia's science fiction series, League of Elder. My artworks are currently in The House of Bloodstein and The 6th Turn.






More about me...

I love to read, and am always reading something. That is probably my favorite thing to do beside drawing or painting. Some of my favorite authors are Jacqueline Carey, Anne Bishop, J. R. Ward, and Elizabeth Chadwick. Fantasy, paranormal, romance and historicals are the main genres I read; I like to be taken away. 😉

TV shows I love are The Walking Dead, Game of Thones, Peaky Blinders, Stanger Things, Black Sails, Vikings, Breaking Bad

I also love music, and have to have it playing at all times while I paint. I mostly listen to heavy metal in it's various genres. Some of my favorite bands are HIM, Opeth, Ghost, Katatonia, Leave's Eyes, Amorphis, Nightwish, A Birthday Massacre, and Rammstein. Just to name a few.

For more information about me and my art, see the FAQ.