Elekcis, the Assassin Walkthrough Page 3

12. I shaded the knife hilt with a couple more layers of black watercolor. Also using black, I lightly shaded in the daggers in her wrist sheath. I also painted in the laces on her corset. Then I used my opaque white paint and added highlights all over-- blade and the hilt of the knife, wrist sheath and daggers, trim and laces of her corset, her hair and her skin.

13. Wings: I started by doing a very light wash of the colors that are going to be seen through the wings/the colors of the background and also lightly painting in the arch so that the wings appear as though they are transparent. Then I used my white paint again and painted the outline of the wings and the curly/wavy pieces around them too. Last I used the gunmetal and black wc pencil to shade inside the wings.

14. Finally, the necklace, earrings, and broach are shaded lightly with black watercolor and then highlighted with white paint.


That is about it. I hope that it may be helpful to people and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



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