Lilac Luxe Matte Fine Art Print


High-quality 11 x 14″ Luxe Matte Fine Art Prints.


PRINT SIZE: 11 x 14″

These prints come on a thicker matte-finish fine art paper. These are a sort of upgrade from my other prints in my shop. These are just a bit more luxurious feeling. The matte paper is non-reflective, the details crisp and the colors are so vivid! They come signed on the back but can be signed on the front if you request it. These come in one size: 11 x 14″ They ship flat in a protective sleeve and backboard.

Please Note: Colors may vary slightly due to different monitors, but the print looks much more vibrant in real life. Also that the watermark is NOT on the real print. These prints have a white border around the edge of the paper. The preview image is approximately what it will look like.


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