Fairy of the Spring Bloom Walkthrough Page 3

5. The Eyes

I begin by defining the eyes, once again using my mixture of burnt sienna/ultramarine blue, using greater amounts of blue for the darker areas. I use that same mixture with a little alizarin crimson for the inner corners of the eyes. For the whites of the eyes, I use a very diluted 50/50 mix of bt. sienna and ultramarine blue and that gives you a soft gray.


Next, I add a light wash of alizarin crimson for a soft pink.

Then I use alizarin crimson mixed with a little ultramarine blue to deepen and define the irises some more.

I then added a light wash of alizarin crimson around the eyes to give a light pink eyeshadow. And I filled in the pupils with black. I mixed my own black using Indigo, yellow ochre and Perylene Maroon.

Next, I use a tiny liner brush (10/0) to paint in the eyelashes in black. And I use burnt umber to fill in the eyebrows.

6. The Lips

First, I fill in the lips with alizarin crimson.


Then I mix in some ultramarine blue with alizarin crimson for shading and the seam of the lips.

Now I use white gouache to highlight everything on the face. I like the shiny effect this gives.

7. Filling in The hair and branches

I begin by outlining all the areas that are going to be filled in with brown. This is mainly so that I don’t have to be quite so careful when painting near the skin and blossoms.

8. Painting the Cherry Blossoms


Next, I fill in the hair and branches with burnt umber.

I begin by filling in the center of the blossoms with alizarin crimson.

Next, I lightly shade some of the petals with alizarin crimson.

Then I use ultramarine blue to add some light shadowing.

Here, I have used more blue to define the individual petals and the center of the blossom. I also added a touch of sap green to the center and then some highlights with white gouache.