Art Book Volume 2 and Some Help…

Some of you who follow me on my social media pages, particularly Facebook, may know that I have been working on my second art book for a while now. My first volume, titled "Dark Visions," was released in 2009. I've wanted to create another for a long time now, but the time just wasn't right. I believe that it now is and that the group of art that I have to include in it is the strongest body of work I've had. The first book focused on my artwork from approximately 2004-2009. I was a pretty young artist for much of that, and I have learned so much since then. But while saying that, I am still proud of the work included in the first book. I learned something with each painting.

I am about 65% done with my second art book. This one, unlike the first one, does include some commentary about most of the artwork. There will also be some sketches included, some never before seen. It's looking to be about 110-115 pages (subject to change, but most likely won't be less). I figure that I will probably finished this in 2018 sometime. That is the goal anyway. I don't know exactly when since I have to work on it in between some other work and I still have to do some artwork for the book. But it is coming!

Now I am trying to decided which artwork I want to be on the cover. I've narrowed it down to 5 ideas. I am looking for your feedback on which is your favorite for a cover image. Not necessarily which is your favorite painting, but which you could see best as the cover of a book.

Here are my picks:

"Unseelie," "Spirit Guides," Elf and Pooka artwork once painting is finished, "Midnight Travelers," or "Silence"

Please cast your votes in the poll below the photos. Thanks in advance! I will use the results to help lead me to the best decision. ♥

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