A GRAYSCALE Gothic Fantasy Coloring Book


Gothic Fantasy Grayscale Coloring Book

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This is a grayscale coloring version of my debut coloring book, “A Gothic Fantasy.” Now this book has been released in a version for fans of grayscale coloring. Grayscale coloring is a whole new way to color. You can achieve a beautiful, rich colored picture once finished, with the gray shading underneath to use as a guide. You color on top of it with whichever media is your favorite, such as markers and colored pencils. Many colored pencils are opaque enough to show up over darker areas of the image, leaving you with so many possibilities! Play with different techniques and media for different effects. You can have as much or as little of the grayscale image showing through as you’d like. This book features 32 unique gothic fantasy women that includes angels, fairies, mermaids, witches, vampires, elves and more! This book includes two copies of each single-sided coloring design, allowing you to share or try different color combinations or techniques! These coloring pages are appropriate for all experience levels. And though this is considered an adult coloring book, there is no nudity. But the vampire images do contain some blood… so use your best judgement for younger colorists. It is great for all lovers of fantasy and the dark and mysterious.

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This video preview used my proof copy. Yours won’t have the “not for resale” banner on the cover.


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