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Welcome to, the Official Gallery of fantasy, fairy and gothic artist, Rebecca Sinz. Here you will find the good and the evil, the dark and the light, beauty on the outside but perhaps not within. There is mystery and there is seduction in these galleries of Fairies, Angels, Vampires and more...

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Updates: (please check below box for new art/auctions)

6/8/15: 9 new tubes have been released on the ElvenstarArt Tube Shop!

3/17/15: 5 new tubes have been added to the Tube Shop.

11/28/14: My Holiday Sales have started!! Check out my Ebay Store to get 25% off all week! Or visit my Etsy Shop and make sure to look at the Banner for that day's coupon code! Happy Holidays everyone!!

2015 calendar10/14/14:
My 2015 Calendar is now available!!

9/7/14: I have 2 large ACEO print sets up for auction!! Check them out HERE

7/2/14: Some of my mermaid art has been featured in Abra-Zine! This E-mag issue is all about mermaids, so please go check it out HERE!


Please check out the Kickstarter for the 78 Tarot Project and help fund this wonderful project, or you can share the link to it on your Facebook or Twitter pages to help spread the word! Visit the Kickstarter HERE!

6/9/14: You can now find me on Instagram! @elvenstarart Instagram

2/26/14: My painting, "Fairy of the Dark Forest," now done 10 years ago, had been updated with a new retouched version. It's the same painting, just subtly improved some. It is also available in new print sizes!

12/22/13: I'm now on Google+ Find my page HERE

Commissions are now open again! Happy Holidays everyone!

12/3/13: Giveaway
I'm Having a new Giveaway!! Enter to for a chance to win set of 25 of my fantasy/gothic art postcards and an 8.5 x 11" print of my newest painting, A Glimmer of Hope!! To enter visit this page and use the form.

Not on Facebook? You can also enter through my blog HERE!

Happy Holidays!

10/10/13: I'm Having a Halloween Giveaway!! Enter to win beautiful large print of my newest Halloween painting, "Midnight Minions"!! To enter visit this page and use the form.

Not on Facebook? You can also enter through my blog HERE!

Happy *early* Halloween! ;)

8/23/13: Embellished ACEOs
I have some new hand-embellished canvas ACEO prints for auction on eBay right now!! There is a total of six of them. Click HERE to visit the auctions!

7/6/13: It's time for another Giveaway! Here is a chance for one lucky winner to win a whole set of Pretty Poison series 5 x 7" prints!! Visit HERE to enter on Facebook or HERE to enter via my blog. All entries go in the same pot. Good Luck!

7/2/13: I have a special auction now up for a bundle of 19 "misfit" prints!! Every so often I like to clean out some of the prints that I have accumulated. Some of these haves some minor flaws, which are detailed in the auction, and others are perfect and I'd just like to get rid of them. The auction starts at only 1 penny!! Visit this auction HERE!

6/2/13: I now have my own PSP Tube Shop!! ElvenstarArt Tubes is up and running.
Click the banner below to visit my new shop!

ElvenstarArt Tubes

4/2/13: I'd like to ask everyone to do me a favor and please vote for me in Selina Fenech's Fairies and Fantasy Art Awards! This would be a great opportunity to win a licensing contract and would also be great exposure for me and my art! I really appreciate all votes! Thank you very much! VOTE FOR ME HERE!

Also, some new tubes of my art have been released with DSI! You can find those HERE.

3/27/13: In appreciation of helping me pass 2000 fans on my Facebook Page, I'm having another giveaway!! One winner will win the grand prize, and another two winners will win a second prize!
The grand price is a free custom ACEO painting!! ACEO paintings are cute little trading-size paintings that are always 2.5 x 3.5" Check out my ACEO gallery if you need an idea of what will work best on these little paintings.
And as a bonus, two additional winners will win a free 8.5 x 11" print of their choice!!

You can enter either on Facebook or on my Blog. All entries are collected to the same place. Use the form to enter: FACEBOOK | BLOG
Some of the entry methods can be done daily to increase your chances. Good luck and thank you so much for all the support! :)

3/24/13: I have another couple sets of stamps available from Sweet Pea Stamps! They are both available in Rubber and Digi Stamps!

I also have some new bookmark designs available! See them all HERE.

1/24/13: I have some new stamps available! They're available as rubber stamps and digi stamps. The new images available are "Holly" "Hemlock" "Witching Hour" and "Dragon Angel"

Rubber Stamps HERE
Digi Stamps HERE

2013 calendar I have some new Cameo Necklaces for sale! I haven't had any new cameo necklaces available for a few years, and I finally have some, but of a different design! I like these a little better than my old ones because they're a little simpler and smaller, but still large enough to show off the artwork nicely! And they come on chains! These are available now in my Etsy shop HERE!

2013 calendar My 2013 calendar is now available in my Zazzle shop!! Check it out HERE

Christmas Kitties I have a new painting to share! This one is a little different but was a lot of fun. "Christmas Kitties" is currently an etsy exclusive. The original and prints are available there. I may add them to my ebay store eventually too. See them at Etsy HERE!

9/28/12: My newest 4 mermaid paintings are now available as tubes at DSI! See those and all my tubes HERE!

9/27/12: It's time for another giveaway!! This time I'm giving away a HUGE set of postcards! This is like getting 25 different prints! What a great way to collect or share your favorite artwork! To enter, visit either MY FACEBOOK PAGE or MY BLOG.

ACEOs Auctions

keychains Sombres Charmes/Dark Charms Artbook, A French art book on the subject of witches that feature a compilation of different artists. This book is available through the publisher, Editions du Chat Noir.

8/30/12: Rubber stamps for my Sea Swept series plus "From the Dark Depths" is now available for pre-order on Sweat Pea Stamps!! Check them out HERE

8/30/12: I've updated my shipping policy for International Orders. See full details HERE.

keychains I have another new set of rubber stamps now available at Sweet Pea Stamps! This one includes: "Midnight Travelers," "Black Hellebore," "Jahyel" and "Longing"! They can be pre-ordered HERE.

keychains A new set of rubber stamps is now available at Sweet Pea Stamps! This one includes: "All Hallows' Eve," "Blue Companions," "Gothic Moon" and "Silken Treads"!! They can be pre-ordered together or individually HERE.

8/8/12: For the next week, I'm having a sale in my eBay Store!! Get up to 20% of everything in my store! This includes prints, jewelry, original art and more! Click the banner above this news box to visit my store!

8/2/12: On Facebook I'm hosting a giveaway of one Large 13 x 19" print of my painting, "Midnight Travelers"!! This giveaway is taking place on both my personal and fan pages and the winner will be chosen at random after August 6th. If you aren't already a friend or fan, please visit and "Like" my Facebook Fan Page, and then to enter the giveaway, find the post about it and LIKE AND SHARE the picture. Good luck!!

7/10/12: Check out my blog to see the painting that I'm currently working on! It's a winter-themed painting because I'm so tired of warm weather! It also features a unicorn! Come see it HERE!

5/14/12: "Steampunk Assassin" is now available as a cross stitch Pattern at Heaven and Earth Designs! Check it out HERE

5/1/12: I'm giving away one FREE ACEO Commission! ACEO's are small, 2.5 x 3.5" paintings. Visit my blog to learn more and to enter for your chance to win!

4/30/12: See the making of my newest artwork, "Steampunk Assassin," in my blog HERE. This was also added to the tutorials page, but it is more of an article/partial walkthrough on the process. Some of my other tutorials explain some of the steps a little better, but it could still have some helpful information in it.

4/17/12: "Despair" is now available as a cross stitch pattern on Heaven and Earth Designs! Get it HERE!

4/3/12: I'm currently having a sale in my eBay Store!! Everything is on sale! 20% off all prints and 10% off everything else, including ORIGINAL ART, jewelry, keychains and bookmarks! Visit my store HERE to get these great deals!

Also read an Interview I did and see how to win some of my art HERE!

3/25/12: I have two LARGE ACEO print sets for auction on Ebay!! Each of these print sets contains 20 different ACEOs and both sets are different. They both are starting at only one penny! That's two $80 value sets starting at only 1!! See both auctions HERE!!

keychainsHAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have a new product for sale... Keychains!! These neat new keychains are made from flattened bottle caps. These are available in my Ebay store!

I also am currently having a sale in my Ebay store! You can get up to 15% off EVERYTHING!! Visit my Store HERE

11/24/11: I have an Ebay Sale going this week!! This is my biggest sale of the year with 25% off all Prints and 15% off Everything else! This includes ORIGINALS, bookmarks, canvases, and Jewelry!! Visit my store for these great deals by clicking the banner above!

2012 Calendar!
My 2012 Calendar is now available in my Zazzle shop! It is full-color, spiral bound and comes in 3 different sizes -- Small, Standard, and HUGE!

10/11/11: Every year or so, I auction off some of my accumulated "misfit" prints at a VERY low price! I have 3 auctions just started and running for the next week. 1 HUGE Lot of 20 prints and 2 smaller sets. Trial and error from my new printer I got a year ago, I guess. ;) Any issues with the prints are detailed in the auctions.
I also have some mermaid prints for auction starting at almost half off the original price! See all my special auctions HERE

Just in case you didn't already know, I list sale prints like these mermaid prints every week! So you can keep an eye out for which ones I list every week. It is a great chance to get your favorite print at a lower price. Free US and lowered International shipping too!

I now have 2 more canvas prints of "Broken Halo," and "From the Dark Depths" for sale on Etsy! These are Ready-to-Hang from the attached ribbon loop! A beautiful and easy way to display your favorite print. I hope to make more of these if they do well.

And finally, "Feral" has been released as a cross stitch pattern at Heaven and Earth Designs! See that and all my charts HERE

9/18/11: I'm having a sale in My Ebay Store going for the next week!! Get up to 20% off everything! I also have some new Fantasy Art cameo rings listed there! Check out the handmade jewelry section to see a couple of new types of rings! These don't feature my artwork, but are still really cute, gothic style rings!

I have a ready to hang canvas print of "Enchanted Evening" for sale on Etsy! I'm planning to do more of these soon, but this is the first one. A sort of proto-type. :) It turned out really great, and the prints on this canvas look so clear and vivid!

My 3 Newest paintings, "All Hallows' Eve," "Black Tiara" and "Stealth" are now available as tubes at Dreamscape Imaging!

Several new paintings have been released as cross stitch patterns at Heaven and Earth Designs! See all my charts HERE and a list of my quick stitch charts HERE!

9/1/11: I made some long overdue updates to my website! I now have all my large 13 x 19" prints available here. They're available for most of my artwork. There are some new print sets and bookmarks available. And also all of my remaining fantasy art jewelry is now available here too!

New Jewelry I have yet another bunch of hand-embellished ACEO canvas prints up for auction this week! HERE

I also have a couple of originals up for auction on Ebay! (see links below news box)

New Jewelry I have another bunch of hand-embellished ACEO canvas prints up for auction this week! HERE

New Jewelry I have some one-of-a-kind hand-embellished Canvas ACEO prints up for auction!! They have some neat glitter and shiny effects on them as detailed in the auctions. I love these printed on the canvas. They look really beautiful and are my favorite bunch of embellished prints yet! You can see all 13 auctions HERE

7/1/11: My forth sheet of Rubber Stamps is now available for pre-order!! This sheet includes my painting, "Lilac" "Waterfall Mist" "The Secret Temple" and "Fairy of the Spring Bloom." A very detailed set of stamps! Get them and my other stamps HERE

6/1/11: My third sheet of Rubber Stamps is now available for pre-order!! Get them and my other stamps HERE and my art is now available as fabric patches at Kat's Magical Patches HERE

5/13/11: Today is the grand opening of Kat's Magical Patches, the site that sell iron on transfers (and in the future fabric blocks) of some of my art! Also visit and "Like" their Facebook page to see all of their special deals!

5/9/11: My second sheet of Rubber Stamps is now available for pre-order!! Get them and my other stamps HERE

New JewelryI have a TON of new jewelry for sale!! I made a lot of new Dog Tag Necklaces! These feature many of my newest paintings. The entire garden series is currently available, ONLY these have a small matching crystal rhinestone attached to the corner of them! I also finally have some cameo rings available again! And just for fun, I made some other filigree rings that are topped with beautifully detailed resin chrysanthemum cabochons! These are available in a few different colors!
ALL of this jewelry is now available in my Etsy shop HERE

5/4/11: I have a feature in the current issue (June 2011 Issue #70) of ImagineFX Magazine!! So keep an eye out for it. It is on sale now the UK, and a month later everywhere else. :) I need to get my hands on a copy! You can buy a digital copy HERE or the actual magazine HERE if you can't find it in a store.

4/30/11: "Black Rose Immortal" and "Black Winter Day" are now available as Cross Stitch Patterns at Heaven and Earth Designs!

Also, my newest painting, "From the Dark Depths" is now available as a tube at Dreamscape Imaging!

4/28/11: You can now get some of my art as Rubber Stamps! Pre-order my first sheet now at Sweet Pea Stamps!!

4/25/11: Some of my art is now available as Iron On Transfers from Kat's Magical Patches!! These can be used for all kinds of fabric crafts!

4/21/11 I have a couple new originals for sale! These are both a couple of my favorite paintings that I'm finally ready to part with. And I also have a special combo deal for a couple of my gothic fairies. To see these and all my Original Paintings for sale, visit my originals page HERE!

4/18/11: I'm having a sale in my Ebay Store for the next week! Get up to 20% off on EVERYTHING!! Visit my store HERE

ElvenstarArt JewelryI have a new website dedicated to my handmade jewelry! Feel free to check it out by clicking the banner to the left. The shopping cart there is connected to this site, so you can shop there and here in one transaction! I hope you enjoy my new site!

New bookmarks The Garden series paintings are now available as bookmarks! See them in my Ebay store HERE

New bookmarks I have some new bookmarks for sale! These don't have the big vinyl sleeves but are laminated instead. The vinyl kind are still available though. You can see the ones I have for sale in my ebay store HERE

If you are interested in a design that I don't have listed, feel free to email me about it. I can make just about any image as a bookmark. $3.50 for the large ones and $2.50 for the small (+shipping) Payment by Paypal.

1/3/11: Happy New Year everyone!! I just finished a new painting called "Winter Magic" and have posted the original painting for sale. I'm really happy with how this painting turned out! Also, in the spirit of the winter season, I have posted the original painting for "Arctic Queen" for sale! See those and all my originals HERE

12/10/10: I have added "Another Ruined Cravat" to my Originals for Sale page!! This is one of my favorite paintings and I wasn't ready to part with it for a while, but now I'm ready for it to find a good home.

11/22/10: For holiday savings, I have 2 coupon codes to share!
Get 40% off calendars at Zazzle for the rest of November by entering this code at their checkout: 40CLNDRS2011
Also you can get 10% your order from my Etsy shop for the next 2 weeks by entering the code HOLIDAY at the checkout!!

And, as shown above this news box, I'm currently running a huge sale in my Ebay store until December 5th! EVERYTHING is on sale!

Hand Embellished Prints!
I have a couple of One-Of-A-Kind Hand-Embellished prints for auction on ebay!! They are matted and can easily be put into an 8 x 10" frame! See the auctions by clicking the picture to the left.

ebay halloween sale
From now until October 31st, all prints of a Gothic, Horror or Halloween theme are 15% off in my Ebay Store!!


2011 Fantasy and Gothic Art Calendars
2011 Calendars!!

I have 3 different 2011 Calendars now available!!
A Fantasy/Gothic Art Calendar, an ACEO Art Calendar and a calendar of my recent ACEO Garden Series!

Check them out by clicking the picture to the left.

Also, Dreamscape Imaging has released some more of my art at tubes!! See those and all my other tubes HERE

9/30/10: Heaven and Earth Designs has released a couple more of my paintings as cross stitch designs!! See them HERE

9/25/10: The Garden Series
I have an auction listed for the Entire Garden Series starting at only a penny! Click the picture to visit the auction.

Also, every painting in the Garden Series is now available as 5 x 7" prints!!

9/3/10: Some more of my art has been released as cross stitch patterns at Heaven and Earth Designs!! View my available designs HERE

8/10/10: Garden Dog Tag necklaces
I made a new batch of dog tag necklaces, this time with the ladies of my garden series! They are available in my Etsy shop. Click the picture to view them.

7/26/10: I'm having a big sale in my Ebay Store for the next week. Everything is for sale! Prints, jewelry, bookmarks, and original paintings! Save up to 25%! Visit my store by clicking the picture link above this news box. Sale lasts through August 1st!

6/7/10:Dog Tag Necklaces
I have some new, really cute mini dog tag necklaces!!! They display the artwork really nicely! These are available in my Etsy shop! Check them out HERE

I also made a bunch of new Scrabble tile pendants! Those are also available in my Etsy shop HERE!

5/29/10: Enchanted Evening bracelet "Enchanted Evening bracelet" A new bracelet featuring my painting as a charm!

5/19/10: Postcards I have 12 postcards for auction on Ebay! Each starting at only 99 cents!!

Fairy Bride necklace I also have a new handmade necklace for sale!!

5/11/10: A bunch of new PSP tubes have been released of my art at Dreamscape Imaging!

5/3/10: More PSP tubes of my art have been released at Dreamscape Imaging!! Visit my page HERE to see them.

5/1/10 Fairy Friend ORIGINAL AUCTION!! "Fairy Friend ORIGINAL Painting for auction!! Auction starting at just $49.99!! Click the picture to visit the auction!

4/25/10 For PSP and graphic hobbyists, some new tubes of my art have been released at Dreamscape Imaging!!

4/13/10: I have 2 one-of-a-kind, hand-embellished matted prints for auction on Ebay!! These are both sold out ACEOs, and these 5 x 7" prints are the last single print that will ever be available of them again. They're both embellished with neat effects such as glitter or pearl white paint! Check them out HERE

4/12/10: I now have new newsletter and guestbook service. If you were on my previous mailing list or would like to join my new one to get all my updates as soon as possible, please sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the button to the right of this news box! I also have a new guestbook that you can find in the links drop-down menu above. To all visitors, please sign it and let me know what you think. :)

I also now have a Facebook Fan Page!! Go HERE to be come a fan!

4/10/10: For all PSP and graphic hobbyists, I once again have tubes available through a brand new company!!! Check it out: Dreamscape Imaging

4/9/10: Cross Stitch Patterns! There are now some cross stitch patterns of some of my art available at Heaven and Earth Designs!! There are only a few now, but there will be more to come in the future!

4/4/10: Happy Easter everyone!! :) I now have all my remaining jewelry available for sale directly on my website now! I also included some beaded, non-art related pieces that I've made in the last year. All of these only have one available and I'm not sure when or if I will make anymore, so if there is a piece you want, you better grab it up! See all Jewelry HERE!

3/31/10: I just post a LOT of new Originals for Sale!! Check them out HERE!

3/16/10: I have some new One-of-a-kind hand-embellished ACEOs for auction on ebay for the next week!! All of these will only be available once, so they are truly one-of-a kind! Click the picture to visit the auctions.
Hand-Embellished prints auctions!

3/5/10: Commissions are now open again.

1/10/10: New handmade rings available in my etsy shop!!


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